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As producers of creative content for social media, our mission is to have your company pop up in conversation. How do we do it? 


First, Ameritech Media uses social media and interactive software to research your industry, your competitors, and what your audience is talking about. Next we identify how your brand or products can engage that audience with interesting messages. Then we define the best channels to deliver your message to optimize customer interaction.


Whether itís videos, blog posts, mobile apps, tweets, posts, or events, the content we produce will thrill your audience, position your business as the expert, and make your customers fall in love with you.


Once the research is complete and the content created, itís all given a voice through conversation.  Similar to our research process, we monitor your campaign making sure it is performing as planned, and then we advise you on how to continue communicating with your valued audience. Lastly, we keep the conversation fresh by constantly adding new, buzz worthy content.

Ameritech Media will get you popping up in conversation. Call now and letís talk.